How we help
effect change


Sub-Saharan Africa is reported to have the highest number of children with spectrum disorder after South Asia with 80% of these children living in low-middle income countries. Studies show that early intervention for children with spectrum disorders greatly impacts development. Yet, low-middle income families struggle to provide essential care needed for such children.

Here at Beautiful Life Foundation, we are a community of clinicians, physiotherapists, caregivers, parents and volunteers moving for the cause of families with children on the spectrum by providing parents and caregivers with access to quality care and support for their wards.


* To support and motivate parents of special needs children in all creative ways to live a fulfilling life.

* To create a wholistic support system for special needs persons, their parents and caregivers.

* Assist parents and caregivers of special needs persons become financially independent.

* Discontinue stigmatization and myths surrounding special needs persons.

* Sensitize cultures, communities and societies to appreciate the equally beautiful lives of people with spectrum disorders.

* Help special needs persons unearth their full potential and talents for national development.

Our Future with SDG Goals

SDGgoal10 SDGgoal3 SDGgoal4


Promote wellbeing and provide equal opportunities for persons living with
developmental disabilities in accordance with Sustainable Development
Goal 3, 4 and 8.


To empower families of persons with developmental disabilities live
independent and fulfilled lives through entrepreneurial skills and
respite programs.